Epilator and Different Hair Removal Methods

Removing unwanted hair from the body is one of those necessary chores of life. Finding a good hair removal product, however, can be difficult because what works for someone may not work for you. It is often a trial and error process that costs time & money, can sometimes leave your skin red and irritated, and in the end you end up still having hair you don’t want!

Literally Stops Hair From Growing

This means your unwanted hair will grow slower and more sporadically, be thinner, potentially lighter, and the hair length will decrease. You can choose to use as little or as much as you need at one time to get rid of your unwanted body hair, no matter where it may be! That’s why men and women who use Stop Grown often see results in as little as 4 weeks without the harmful side effects that other hair removal treatments can provide.

Laser treatments are one of the most commonly performed beautification treatments today for one simple reason: people want to stop dealing with unwanted hair!. The problem with laser treatments, however, is that they can cost thousands of dollars, leaving you feeling sun burnt for two days or more, and might not even work. That’s why Stop Grow is one of the three best hair removal products available right now.


Waxing is a great hair-removal option as it not only removes hair for up to four weeks (just think, no plucking or shaving for a month!), but also leaves your skin healthy, smooth and silky. Firstly, we use quality tea-tree oil based wax from Outback Organics, which has been developed by top waxing specialists who are always looking at ways to improve the wax itself. There are two common ways to wax. Waxing is a form of Epilation, meaning it removes the hair by the root, some other examples of Epilation hair removal are Threading, Tweezing or using an Epilator. Over time, waxing also makes your hair grow back finer and sparser – so it actually gets less painful and easier to do the more you do it.

Our therapists all have intense intimate waxing training and will explain the procedure up-front, talking you through every step along the way. In strip waxing, the esthetician applies a thin layer of wax to the area using a little stick, then firmly presses a little piece of cloth or special paper on top of the wax. It may sound like torture but when done correctly Waxing is almost pain free. While at-home waxing is convenient, there are definitely rules for the at-home hair removal life. For my particular lifestyle, then, Brazilians are simply more convenient than other types of hair removal.

The cloth or paper is quickly ripped off in the opposite direction of hair growth, removing both the wax and the hair. To get the best results, it’s important to exfoliate before you wax—but do it 24 to 48 hours beforehand, otherwise you risk increased irritation. So as to avoid ingrown hairs, burns and possible bruising, it’s important to know your waxing basics. You can count on around three full weeks of total smoothness before the week or so dedicated to letting your pubes grow back to waxing length. Use a loofah or scrub to get rid of that layer of dead skin; it will help the wax to grip the hairs much better.  So before you try that waxing kit you just bought, read these essential at-home waxing tips so you wind up with smooth, hair-free skin — not ingrown hairs and frustration. Shaving isn’t an option.


This is another great tool for removing body hair. The one of main advantages of using epilator is that it removes body hair from the root and hence it takes lot more time for the hair to grow again. Though using it first time may cause you some pain, but after few times there will be minimum pain. For better experience use best epilators in India, as they remove hair more quickly with less pain. Ordinary epilators are not great, you will feel lot more pain when removing hair.

When you choose an epilator from a line of models (like the Silk Epil 7 or the Silk Epil 9) choose the device that has the accessories that you need. For best results try to exfoliate about a day before you plan to epilate. When using an epilator you gently glide the epilator along the skin. Firstly the benefits of epilating – the obvious one is that it gives long lasting hair removal, up to 6 weeks depending on your hair cycle, and it is quick and easy to do it yourself at home. The epilator is the same for the entire line, with the same tweezers and features.  You can, of course, exfoliate right before epilating but this tends to leave the skin feeling a little delicate and could result in more pain and redness than normal. As the epilator makes contact with the hair and skin, the metal plates come together, trapping stray hairs. They work by removing hair from the roots by spinning lots of tiny tweezers, but you can avoid the swearing and tears and ‘I’ll never do it again as long as I live!‘ by following my top tips! Only the accessories make the difference. They keep your skin smooth and hair-free for a longer time than shaving and waxing.

As the metal plates continue to revolve in their casing, they pull the hair from its root and discard of the hair. This means that you’ll have to use the device multiple times to catch the hairs that grow in after you have epilated. Get a good cream to apply to your legs while epilating. It is a tiny, but powerful device that uses tweezers to lift every hair strand from its root in one pass. Epilation is not new.  This might sound like more work but really it’s not. Nothing too thick as you don’t want to clog up the head, but anything that softens and helps the epilate glide over the leg will definitely help. The tweezers, which come in either ceramic or metallic, rotate and pull the hairs from the roots. The Epilady was created in Israel in 1985, in what The New York Times called a “revolutionary” change in the hair-removal industry.

Even if you have a few hairs that have popped up, your legs will still feel noticeably smooth.  If you have not heard of this must-have, then read on and see how incredible this hair-remover is. And, for a while, it was. Those pesky few hairs on their own timeline can be easily and quickly taken care of with your epilator. Then the revolution waned and, for some unknowable reason, we gravitated back to shaving. Epilators have a kind of old-school vibe about them, and not in a vinyl-records way.

Laser Hair Removal

Those were some of the words my friends tried to comfort me with when I was gifted with Xemos laser hair remover for valentine’s. Honestly, I was not too pleased to receive a box of greyness for Valentine’s. Solely: is he trying to tell me I am lacking in the grooming department?! I know, how romantic! Anyway, I used it every ten days for three consecutive months. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Xemos hair removal system really works! ResultsI’ve actually been to laser hair removal clinics for treatment and even completed a package. Unfortunately results did not last and I wounded up in debt. I was skeptical of laser hair removers thereafter and surrendered to having to shave, wax and pluck my years into menopause. I guess people got tired of hearing me whine and suggested a home laser hair removal kit would make a great gift to show me the love. While I wasn’t thrilled to receive it, I am thrilled with the results.

Xemos is a rechargeable cordless device that is slim and lightweight, great to navigate tough corners… Knees, ankles, unreachable but visible areas of the arm. It is easy to use! Apply the Cooling Gel on your skin, unlock it, power up and move it over the area of unwanted hair. I used it for the underarms and areas from the knee down, it takes me about two hours to complete both legs and underarms. A single charge actually carried me through the session. Once completed, there is no need to wash or do anything with Xemos. I set it to be recharged and then tucked it away. I like the no mess, no fuss, no clean up bit of the process a whole lot!

Xemos laser hair remover really works! ResultsImmediately after the first session, I could see results. All the hair on the skin surface was completely removed and I was left with softer and smoother skin. Amazing thing about the Xemos is that it did not leave unsightly open pores of where the thick ugly unwanted hair was before. I would highly recommend use of the Cooling Gel with it. Finally, I can now enjoy a hair free and carefree summer! Men aren’t that thoughtless after all… The dreary months of winter, particularly February was the prefect timing to start prepping for summer!

Air Fryers – A Good Alternative To Deep Fryers

If you love fried foods, but worry about the oils and its effect on your health, then don’t worry. You can use air fryer that uses hot air technology instead of oil to fry foods. It is said, air fryers will soon replace deep fryers as more and more people are becoming health consciousness and are aware of dangers of using fatty oils. Air fryers basically work like a convection oven by moving rapid hot air around the food. The use of rapid hot air technology is quiet new. It works by circulating hot air up to 200C to fry many types of foods such as chicken, fish, chips and pastries. Air fryers make perfect fried foods and retains the taster of traditional frying methods with the use of very less oil.

Benefits of Air Fryers

Air Fryers in India
There are many benefits of using air fryers over other traditional method of cooking apart from using less oil. With air fryers, you can quickly prepare your many fried foods much easily. Popular french fries can be made in less than fifteen minutes. Most air fryers comes with the auto timer control, that automatically switch of your air fryer depending upon the time set. You can also start hot air frying in a cold kitchen appliance. The top air fryers in India comes with cooking chambers that radiates hot air by the use of a heating element. These elements are placed near the food, making cooking efficient and also quickly. There is also an exhaust fan located just above the cooking chamber, it helps air flow from inside. Air frying is a simple yet innovative method of cooking.

Cooking in Air Fryers

Ever since I can remember my family have always cooked turkey in an oven. In fact it was only recently that I even came across the concept of fried turkey chicken yes, but not turkey (I know I know, I must be living in the Dark Ages right?).

Last year I volunteered to cook Thanksgiving dinner for the first time (it’s always been my mother’s thing), and having never cooked a turkey myself before I took to the Internet to look for tips and recipes to make the job easier. That’s when I came across turkey frying.

I was skeptical to say the least it seemed like a rather greasy, messy way to cook the bird. Still, I decided to look into it (who wouldn’t be tempted by the promise of a whole turkey cooked in less than an hour!).

So where did my research take me

Well I found out that deep fried turkey is anything BUT greasy. In fact the right fryer can produce a moist, tender, perfectly cooked turkey. When I checked out some of the top rated turkey fryers on sites such as Amazon I found people raving about how great they were, and to be honest I was impressed. Not only that but the price for a fryer is pretty reasonable, so I decided I had to try one out for myself.

Things I was looking for in a Air Fryer

  • One that can safely be used indoors
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • A fryer that can cook a 10-14lb turkey

So which Air Fryer made the grade?

After careful consideration I finally chose the Philips Air Fryer(quite a mouthful!)

It’s mainly because it had all the features I wanted and so many 5 star reviews on sites like Amazon, but also because it was affordable and would look good in my kitchen. Of course I was also looking forward to (hopefully) impressing my family on Thanksgiving with my new found culinary skills!

I was so excited when my Air Fryer arrived and couldn’t wait to start using it. I didn’t have anything on hand at that particular time to fry, so I went out and bought a chicken especially to give it a test run!

Philips Air Fryer features

  • Electric indoor turkey fryer
  • Oil heats in less than 30 minutes with the powerful 1650 watt electric heating element
  • Built in drain clip on fry basket
  • Measures approx. 16 x 14 x 14 inches
  • Uses 1/3 less oil than traditional turkey fryers
  • 90 day warranty

The main thing I love about this product is that it’s so darn easy to use. Unfortunately I haven’t been blessed with great cooking skills, but you can produce a really professional looking and tasting turkey using this air fryer. The white meat is moister and more tender than any I’ve ever tested from an oven cooked turkey.

Choosing an Air Fryer in India

Honestly there’s nothing NOT to like about the Philips air fryer. It’s easy to use, easy to clean and produces delicious turkey what more could you want? I’ve used it for frying everything from chicken to shrimp and can honestly say it’s well worth the price. By using less oil to fry, air fryers become a healthier alternative to traditionally deep fried foods which can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and obesity. Anything you can think of, from chicken to chips to fish can be made healthier in an air fryer because its cooking method requires very little fat. Without the extra hot oil to steam the food from the inside, it is common sense that you won’t be able to get the same moist inside and crisp outside. A popular feature on many deep fryers is a rotating basket, as they require much less oil than traditional models. In the air fryer, rapid air circulation technology is used to circulate hot air in a speedy way with a top grill from all sides of the foods.
For instance, a batch of chips only calls for half a spoonful of oil and 12 minutes to serve perfectly crispy potatoes. Therefore, it is unrealistic to expect an ‘air fryer’ to do the work that you expect from a deep fryer. This makes your food crispier and healthier than if it were made in a regular fryer, while also saving you space as you can opt for a product with a lower capacity. Since it heats up the foods from all sides so food is cooked uniformly and quickly. Basically, it’s a tiny oven and it cooks the chips in the same way as an oven would, using just a little bit of oil to coat them.
At the tip of your fingers, you can have an appliance that specializes in making delicious, healthy meals that look and taste just like the ones made in oil fryers. The thing you should know about this product is that this is made and best suited for cooked frozen food. This is ideal for 1-2 up to 3 people for snacks. It heats up relatively quickly and you might find one a useful tool if you want to use your oven for other things. The air fryer serves up many ways to be useful in your life.
I have tried this to cook frozen fries, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, matrella sticks, dumplings, etc. You cannot feed a family without doing multiple batches. It’s also a bit easier to clean than an oven and less messy than a traditional deep fryer. The amount of fries that can be cooked at one time seems to be the same as two medium orders at a fast food chain. The cozyna air fryer comes with a recipe book and detailed instructions on how to cook and fry with it.
For beginner, it is very important that you follow these instructions in order to get the best result.

SNAP What Can You Get with Food Stamps?

Have you heard of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP?

Harsh Times

SNAP is the new name for food stamps and now comes as an electronic card. A clear sign of harsh economic times in the U.S., 46 million people use food stamps, SNAP, to add food to their groceries each week. That’s 1 in every 7 people using the SNAP benefit and living at or below poverty levels.

Compared to 10 years ago, the number of people getting food stamp assistance has doubled. Now, a person who makes a total income over $1,211 a month can’t get SNAP benefits. For a family of 4 with over $2,500 a month, no benefits. Doing the math, $1,211 goes much farther in a small town than in a big city where rents are much higher. In New York City, anywhere within 10 miles of the city, the average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is $2,500 a month now. In some urban areas – New York for one – 1 in 5 children rely on soup kitchens and food pantry donations for meals, according to the nonprofit group, Food Bank for New York City. Here, about 500,000 children are living below the poverty line, and 20,000 children go to bed homeless. These statistics point toward a public health emergency. Are the children also going to bed hungry?

The amount of food benefits given through SNAP don’t change with location – not yet.

Costs and Benefits

The SNAP benefit comes from the US Department of Agriculture and costs over $75 billion a year. The program goal is to give people food security and access to healthy diet. At the current benefit rates, 1 person can get up to $200 a month toward food costs. A family of 4 can get up to $668 a month. That’s about $5.50 per person per day for the family.

Is it enough? Will it buy healthy foods and give us our 5 fruits and veggies a day?

The Institute of Medicine, IOM, recently published their study to find out if SNAP is giving enough. The study goal: “objective, evidence-based, science-driven definition of the adequacy of SNAP allotments.” The experts looked at the latest published papers from researchers and government.

The experts point out that the benefit assumes people spend about 30% of income on food, now out of date. Currently people only spend an average of 13% of income on food. Based on this, the benefit might be reduced. The report also shows that food security and healthy diets depend on the environment; where people live, and what’s in the stores around them. It also depends on individual and household factors like whether a person – or someone in the family – can cook. In areas where prices are high and for people who do not have the time or skill to cook from raw, unprocessed ingredients, SNAP is sometimes not enough.

A Healthier Future?

In the future, SNAP’s role in helping people who live in poverty get the food they need may include:

  • lower overall benefits
  • benefits based on local prices
  • nutrition education

What do you think will help people reach “food security”?